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TOP Dedicated Server Hosting

By Hosting | 2019-01-02 03:27:10

Top dedicated server hosting presenting a list of best reliable websites, web hosting, vps, cloud, shared , wordpress, Reseller and dedicated server with ssd, windows & linux.

HostingCompany, Year Available Fetchers & Price Visit Site
Blue Host, 2002Hosting: $2.95/mo,
Linux VPS: $19.99/mo 2GB 30GB SSD,
Wordpress: $19.99/mo,
Dedicated Server: $79.99/mo 4GB 500GB (Mirrored),
Domain Name: $11.99
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Mocha Host, 2003Hosting: $1.95/mo (cpanel), $2.48/mo (.net),
Linux VPS: $7.98/mo 1GB, 40GB,
Windows VPS: $9.08/mo 1GB, 60GB,
Wordpress: $2.48/mo,
Reseller: $9.87/mo 25GB Disk,
Dedicated Server: $19.00/mo 2GB, 50GB,
Domain Name: $13.95/yr
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Kamatera, 2014Cloud Servers/VPS: 1vCore, 1GB, 20GB SSD ($0.012/hour or $9/mo)
Max Available 64vCore CPU, 256GB RAM, Unlimited SSD
Avaiable OS: Windows, Windows Server, CentOS,Cloud Linux, Debian, Open SUSE, FreeBDS, FreeNAS
Add-Ons: Cpanel/WHM, Plesk
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Host winds, 2010Hosting: $3.74/mo,
Linux VPS: $4.49/mo 512MB 20GB,
Windows VPS: $9.89/mo 512MB 20GB,
Reseller: $17.50/mo unlimited 10 CPanel,
Dedicated Server: $117.00  32GB, 1TB HDD,
Domain Name: $14.84/yr
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V P B, 1996Linux VPS: $8.00/mo 2GB RAM, 10GB SSD,
Wordpress: $8.00/mo on vps,
Dedicated Server: $51.00/mo 8GB, 500GB SATA,
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Inmotion Hosting, 2001Hosting: $5.99/mo,
Linux VPS: $19.99/mo. 4GB 75GB ,
Wordpress: $4.99/mo,
Reseller: $13.99/mo 80GB space,
Dedicated Server: $99.99/mo 8GB 1TB,
Domain Name: $14.99/yr
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Liquid Web, 1997Linux VPS: $59/mo 2GB 40GB,
Wordpress: $69/mo,
Dedicated Server: $199/mo 16GB 250x2GB SSD,
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Accu Web Hosting, 2003Linux Hosting: $3.09 / Mo.
Windows hosting: $3.52/Mo.
Wordpress: $3.49/mo.
Windows VPS: $7.99 /mo. (2 vCPU, 1GB RAM, 40GB SSD)
Linux VPS: 12.00 /mo. (2 vCPU, 1GB RAM, 40GB SSD)
Dedicated Server: $75/mo. (E3-1245v2, 16GB RAM, 1x2T HDD)
Domain Name: $12.99/Yr
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Constant, 1995Dedicated Server: $69.95/mo 16GB, 1TB,
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1 and 1, 1997Hosting: $0.99 /mo 12 months,  then $7.99/month,
Linux VPS: $4.99 /mo 512MB RAM, 30GB SSD,
Windows VPS: $9.99/mo 1GB RAM, 50GB SSD,
Wordpress: $0.99 /mo 12 months,  then $7.99/month,
Dedicated Server: $59.9/mo 12GB RAM, 2x1TB HDD,
Domain Name: $0.99/yr 1 year, then $14.99 /yr
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turnkey internet, 2004Hosting: $2.49/mo,
Linux VPS: $4.99/mo 1GB 5GB SSD,
Windows VPS: $17.49/mo 1GB 30GB SSD,
Wordpress: ,
Reseller: $29.99/mo 150GB Disk,
Dedicated Server: $45/mo 8GB 250GB SSD,
Domain Name: $12.99
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Inter Server, 1999Hosting: $5.00/mo,
Linux VPS: $6.00/mo 1GB 25GB,
Windows VPS: $10.00/Mo 1GB 25GB,
Wordpress: $70.00 /Mo 8GB 250GB,
Reseller: $19.95 80GB Space, 500GB Bandwith,
Dedicated Server: $50/Mo,
Domain Name: $11.00
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Dream Host, 1997Hosting: $7.95/mo,
Linux VPS: $13.75/mo 1GB 30GB,
Wordpress: $7.95/mo,
Dedicated Server: $169/mo 4GB 1TB,
Domain Name: $11.95 / yr
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Reseller Club, 2003Hosting: $3.49 /mo ,
Linux VPS: $21.99 /mo 2GB 30GB disk,
Wordpress: $3.39 /mo ,
Reseller: $18.99 /mo 40GB disk,
Dedicated Server: $90 /mo 4GB 1TB disk,
Domain Name: $9.99/yr
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i power, 1997Hosting: $3.99/mo.,
Linux VPS: $19.99/mo 1GB 40GB,
Wordpress: $3.75/mo.,
Dedicated Server: $119.99/mo 4GB 500GB,
Domain Name: $10.99/yr
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Why topwebvpshosting.com?

Many people are spend lot of time to find out hosting providers and find a hosting from lot of hosting companies. We are here to easy your finding. We make a list from lot of web hosting providers as per their feathers, pricing, memory, reliability, uptime, response time, support timing, client satisfaction and also experience of companies. You can chose any one hosting provider from our hosting list for saving your important time.

why need a best web hosting? for top wordpress hosting provider

for presenting your business now it’s very important to you have a domain and reliable hosting for secure your some information. A web site can help you to provide online services to your clients. You can do online business like as online store using your website. Lot’s of people search online using search engine like google, yahoo, bing etc you can use your website like a software here hosting is matter. You can’t do if you don’t have a some feature of your hosting. let’s make decision what type of feature you need form you hosting provider? if you run a .net application you need select of version of framework like 3, 4 , 4.5 and database like MSSQL version or you need to use php software you can chose php version and mysql database version etc.

very important that when you found a hosting provider please check their hosting feathers like hosting space, bandwidth, 24/7 support and also check how reliable they are. we are here to present some of website with their featchers and price for you compairasm hope you run your business smooth, if you need to know abut your hosting please feel free to contact with us at support@topwebvpshosting.com.

what is Domain Name?

Domain Name is your call a Uniform Resource Locator (URL). it’s only name or identity of you website. Your domain name need to linking with hosting using Domain Name Server (DNS). you can use lot of dns server address if 1 faild then domain read containt from other dns.

what is hosting? for top dedicated server hosting

Hosting is containt of you domain on a Server Called Domain Name Server (DNS). Domain linked with hosting using Domain Name Server (DNS).

A Server have lot of hosting called Shared Web Hosting.

A powerfull server have some virtual server called Virtual Private Server (VPS) you can chose your resorces like, RAM, HDD, SSD, Bandwitd, Processor virtual core, OS, etc.

A Server Only for You called Dedicated Server (you can chose your resorces like, RAM, HDD, SSD, Bandwitd, Processor Core, Operating System, etc.)

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